General Requirements

The registration must include:
• Registration form completed
• Receipt of paid entry fee
• Pedigree (photocopy)
• Champion certificate for champion class (homologated on date of registration)

Not completed registration documents are not processed and are considered not arrived!

Important notices to all exhibitors
The exhibition is carried out according to the AR of the SKG. (Exhibition Regulations PDF)
This can also be ordered directly from the secretariat of the SKG, Sagmattstr. 2, CH-4710 Balsthal, (fee of CHF 5.40 in stamps)

The organizer assumes no liability for damage or loss (theft, escaping, injuries, etc.) The owner of the dog is liable for the damage done by his dog.

If force majeure or other reasons not justified by the exhibition management lead to the cancellation of the exhibition, there is no right to a refund of the registration fee.

Annex to the Implementing Rules (AB / AR) to the Regulations of the SKG for Dog Shows (AR)
Art. 1 Exhibitions
Any exhibition does not prohibit the combing and brushing of dogs using any means or aids.
The same applies to the holding of a dog on a so-called gallows. The wrapping or braiding of the hair is prohibited at the exhibition. Each exhibitor receives a confirmation of acceptance, in which this provision is clearly highlighted in 2 languages ​​(German, French). Compliance with these regulations is controlled. Failure to comply with these provisions shall entitle the inspectors to alert exhibitors to refrain from the aforementioned manipulation or instruct them to leave the exhibition.

Art. 3.4 Veteran class
In the veteran class castrated dogs are allowed.

Supplementary exhibition definition
In terms of breeding, at our club show chemically temporarily castrated males from 9 months are welcome in the class "out of competition". These dogs are judged. Thus, the breeder / dog owner can be offered a valuable basis for deciding on a possible breeding use.

Exhibitor from Switzerland
The compulsory rabies vaccination was suspended by the Federal Council.
For the protection of your dog, however, we recommend that you vaccinate against rabies, distemper, parvovirus and kennel cough.

Exhibitors from abroad
Please note the entry requirements to Switzerland. A veterinary rabies vaccine is essential at the border. The vaccination must have taken place at least 21 days before the border crossing. If a vaccination took place within the period of validity of the first vaccination,
This waives this waiting period. The rabies vaccination must be entered in the vaccination certificate and valid as long as indicated by the vaccine manufacturer.
The validity period must be entered, otherwise a validity period of one year applies.

Swiss Beauty Champion title
The title "Swiss Beauty Champion" will be awarded to dogs who have at least four CACs under at least three different judges in Switzerland. Exhibitions (at least two CAC at International Dog Shows, 366 days between 1st and 4th CAC).

The title "Swiss Youth Beauty Champion" will be awarded to dogs, who in the youth class (9 - 18 Mt.) have three youth CAC under at least two different judges. Have received exhibitions. Or 2 junior CAC and a CAC from the intermediate class awarded by at least 2 different judges, of which at least one at exhibitions according to Art. 1.11 AR.

The title "Swiss Veteran Beauty Champion" is awarded to dogs that have received three veteran CACs in the veteran class (from the age of 8), of which at least one CAC at an IHA.

The award of the Youth CAC or Res.CAC and the Veteran CAC or Res.CAC is tied to the qualification "excellent".

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